Tactical Pro Shop, LLC.
"Prepared To Serve"

Tactical Pro Shop was started in November of 2001 with a singular objective: serve our customers better than anyone else, with the broadest selection of top quality tactical equipment.

We are not influenced by anything other than the goal of providing our customers the best equipment possible for their hard-earned purchasing dollars. Whether you are a "Tier 1" Operator or a Police Academy Recruit, you can expect the same attention and commitment to service that has made Tactical Pro Shop, LLC. one of the fastest growing equipment suppliers in the industry.

You will notice that we carry many brands. This comes from our constant evaluation and re-evaluation of our product line, and analysis from the field regarding what is, and is not, working. Our customers are varied and experienced, but you will not catch us name-dropping or posting what we think would be very impressive list of satisfied Tactical Pro Shop, LLC. customers. That is not what we are about.

Wherever you fit into the broad spectrum of customers we are proud to serve, we are excited at the challenge to make sure you keep coming back. I believe you will find that we, like our customers, are "Prepared To Serve".

Matthew C. Kime
President / C.E.O. Tactical Pro Shop, LLC.

LA (818) 468-7837
SD (619) 339-3083

References can be provided to Agencies and Departments as requested.